The first life, the self-replicating DNA, had been advancing, evolving, into a blue-green cyanobacteria that covered the surface of the first planet, in one of the newer galaxies. In the many years to come, it would advance and advance. But there were many new gods that would be created first. Beatrell created Agryn, goddess of plants, and Salv created Hyedrina, goddess of the oceans. Vish created Turrachine, god of the earth, Kron created Zekhyntii, god of the air, and Ohn created Pyrstyr, god of fire. Agryn created her own form of life and lived in an enormous forest. Hyedrina created the first sea life, and lived in a castle on the ocean floor. Turrakine created worms and subterranean bacteria, and lived in a fortress deep underground. Zekhyntii created birds, and lived in a fortress in the clouds. Finally, Pyrstyr...

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